About Us

To be successful in college, students need to be prepared for college coursework. In Division I and Division II, the NCAA sets academic initial-eligibility standards that take into account GPA, standardized test scores, core courses taken in high school and the grades earned in those core courses.

All Student-Athletes also must meet the unique acceptance requirements of the college or university they plan to attend (which may exceed NCAA standards). 

NCAA registration is Key to D1/D2 Colleges.  Students should register entering 10th grade.  Click Here for more information on NCAA Registration.

SAT Prep Course - SAT Test Dates
NCAA Eligibility AND Registration
Campus Visits AND Elite Football Camps
College AND Career Interest Support
Exposure AND Highlight Assistance

What drove us to start STREET2CLEAT was our compassion for the overall success of the student and their passion to play the game of football.

Our mission is to help Students be successful in their GIFT as an Athlete.  

Student-Athletes have to succeed in more places than on the football field.  It is our goal to fill the gap between home and school for each Student.  Student-Athletes must succeed in  high school in order to succeed in college.