Dr. Demetrius Crane

Known for her straight talk and joyful personality, this anointed woman of God brings a voice to the body of Christ that is pure and authentic.    Along with her up close and personal approach in bringing forth the Word of God, Dr. Crane is a powerful dynamic preacher in word and demonstration.  Many have been healed, delivered and established in righteousness by the anointed and prophetic ministry of Dr. Crane.

In 1998, Dr. Crane experienced an overwhelming encounter with Holy Spirit which caused her to fall deeply in love with the Lord and to accept the call to preach, teach, and to establish many in righteousness.  Gifted by God with a prophetic anointed from birth to impact those near and far, Dr. Crane was trained and released into ministry by her Pastor and covering Bishop Joseph L. Brown in Tallahassee, Florida. While her ministry focus is in the areas of prophetic deliverance and healing, Dr. Crane believes that there is no greater miracle than that of salvation.

Dr. Crane is the founder of Soldout2Christ Evangelistic Association, SEA Accounting & Consulting, and SEA Community Corporation.  All three businesses have one thing in common---to build the Kingdom of God.  Dr. Crane holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Theology.  

Dr. Crane is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and author.  Visit her at

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